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A woman in her late 20’s came in for headaches, which had been bothering her for several months. The headaches were always accompanied by a rush of heat to her face and head. On questioning, I found that the headaches usually occurred between 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. She also mentioned that she had some emotional issues. According to TCM theory, qi circulates through all the meridians every 24 hours. The time frame of her headaches corresponded to the Pericardium meridian. So I decided to try removing heat from the Pericardium by bleeding PC 9, which is on the tip of the middle finger. Using a three-edged needle, I opened the point and pressed blood from her finger. In this technique, you are supposed to bleed the point until the color of the blood changes. In her case, first the blood was dark red, then it got lighter, then it got dark again, and finally it got lighter. As soon as the point was bled, the heat stopped and the headache was gone. Then I went ahead and did a regular acupuncture treatment. The patient bled her own finger a few times at home. She has not had a headache since we did that treatment.


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