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As I enter my fourth year here at AAAOM it is hard to fathom that I have made it so far in such a short amount of time. Throughout this time I have maintained a full-time student status, making the study of Oriental Medicine take up the majority of my time. I appreciate the fact that the faculty at AAAOM is here full-time as well, which is very helpful as it allows for the availability of constant academic counseling. The faculty teaching my classes were also the faculty I was observing in the clinic, and finally the ones to supervise me as an Intern. This allowed me to get to know the faculty personally and keep all the pieces of what I was learning together. In addition to the opportunities for coming into contact with Chinese culture that the faculty provides, AAAOM also gave me the opportunity to travel to China. I cannot put into words the positive impact this has had in my life.

I remember when I came to school I was so excited to learn about acupuncture. As I went through my studies I began to see that the program was set up to continually give me a foundation to work from, and then provide opportunities to apply my knowledge. I felt like I was constantly moving forward and completing the steps to my goal.

AAAOM’s competitive curriculum has kept me busy and working hard, but the spirit of the faculty and students has been supportive and friendly whether it concerned my studies or my personal life. Thank you. I am amazed that my enthusiasm for learning about TCM today far exceeds my initial excitement. I am confident that I now posses the skills needed to venture out on my own.

I am saddened to think of leaving AAAOM indefinitely, yet confirmed in my belief that I will always be welcomed back. I know this whenever I see alumni come back to be greeted by the smiling faces of students and faculty, eager to catch up and give continued support. When I finish this trimester I will have completed the work needed to receive the Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degree, and will set off to new experiences in Traditional Chinese Medicine, leaving full of knowledge and fond memories.


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