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Dr. Jeffrey Zhonxue Mah obtained his Master’s degree from Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and his Ph.D. degree from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He received his medical training from the medical school of Qinghai University. Dr. Mah is the founder of Xin Jing Fang Xue Pai (Scholars’ Group on New Classical Prescriptions). Dr. Mah believes that the cannon of classical TCM herbal prescriptions should not be solely limited to prescriptions from the Shan Han Lun (Treatise on Cold Febrile Diseases) and Jin Gui Yao Lue (Synopsis of the Golden Cabinet) texts, but should also include herbal prescriptions from the Wen Bing (Warm Febrile Diseases) and other early classics. Basing his teaching on the four classic texts of TCM classical prescriptions, he has trained more than 300 students. Dr. Mah has authored a new book, The New Classical Prescription System, which is being adopted by the University of Herbal Medicine in California for their doctoral degree program. Dr. Mah specializes in TCM oncology, treating patients with new classical prescriptions. Dr. Mah is the author of Second Chance: Chinese Medicine Approaches to Cancer, and the author of a twenty-six volume series, The Grand System of World Traditional Medicine. Since 1996, Dr. Mah has served as president of the American Consotherapy Center and the University of Herbal Medicine in California.



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