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Yangzhong (Kevin) Zhu (DAOM) received his Chinese medicine degree in 1988 from  Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, and worked from 1988 – 1997 as the Physician-in-Charge and as a lecturer at the Beijing First Teaching Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In China, Dr. Zhu Kevin was the chief secretary for the National Academic Symposium and organized four symposiums on male diseases, urology, skin diseases, cancer, gynecology, and gastroenterology. He developed the Acupuncture and Herb Treatment Software with the Qinghua University in China, and participated in the compilation of eight professional books. Moving to the United States in 1999, Dr. Zhu worked and taught at the Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco. Since 2001, Dr. Zhu has been a resident professor at Five Branches University, where he teaches classes in the doctoral program. As a TCM practitioner, Dr. Zhu specializes in pain management, dermatology and urology.


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