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Danny Li (PhD, RTCMP), earned his Doctoral degree in TCM from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. He has held research fellowships in neurobiology at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (1989) and the University of Toronto (1991).   Danny has co-authored 40 research articles published in prestigious journals, including CellNature GeneticsNeuroscience, and the English TCM textbook “Handbook of Traditional Chinese Medicine”. He is the chief editor for the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ad Acupuncture (JTCMA) , CEO of Canada TCM Foundation (CTCMF) and the President of TCM Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (ATCMPAO).

Danny has gained extensive professional experience as a TCM practitioner in Toronto since 1992 and has made original contributions to the profession’s body of knowledge and practice through his involvement in the development of legislation to regulate TCM and occupational competency development. He is dedicated to the advancement of TCM practice, including introduction of a new acupuncture approach for pain management, “Precise Acupuncture”.

Danny is an accomplished educator, and has received Excellence in Teaching Award from Ryerson University (2004) and University of Toronto (2014), Honorary Professor of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (2006).  He was the lead in development of Humber’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner Program, which is the first comprehensive publicly-funded TCM program in Canada.


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