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Dr. Ruan Jin Zhao attended the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, one of the most highly-regarded medical schools in China. He earned his medical degree in traditional Chinese medicine there in 1987, and completed a Ph.D. degree in Herbal Pharmacology, Cellular Biology and Immunology in 1990. Dr. Zhao was mentored by Liu Duzhou, the authority of Shang Han Lun and its applications. Dr. Zhao also taught Chinese Medicine Cellular Biology and Immunology at Beijing University.
In the United States, Dr. Zhao has been a Board Certified Acupuncture Physician and a Diplomat in Chinese Herbology since 1993. He is currently President of the Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Sarasota, FL, and is an affiliated member of the H. Lee. Moffit Cancer Center and Research Institute in Tampa. In his private practice, Dr. Zhao is well known as a top expert in the area of cancer treatment with Chinese medicine.


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