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Dr. Decheng Chen holds a Ph.D. degree in acupuncture. He spent 11 years studying acupuncture in China, where he received his Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in the field. Before coming to the US, he worked as a professor in the affiliated hospital of the Academy of TCM in Beijing. Dr. Chen has more than 30 years’ clinical and teaching experience in China, Russia, Egypt, Dubai, U.A.E. and the United States. He has practiced and taught in New York, New York for the last 20 years. To maintain acupuncture at the cutting edge of musculo-skeletal therapy, Dr. Decheng Chen has developed an integrative technique he calls jing-jin-zhen-fa, or motion/tendon acupuncture. Over decades of experimentation and practice, Dr. Chen has combined acupuncture with many of the most effective techniques from sports medicine and other forms of myofacial release to create a powerful, acupuncture-based therapeutic technique. “Motion acupuncture,” with its ability to pinpoint its treatment targets, can improve the effectiveness of standard acupuncture significantly. In China, Dr. Chen was mentored by Qiu Maoliang, one of the most influential acupuncture practitioners of the twentieth century.


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