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Credit transferAAAOM welcomes students who wish to transfer credits from other schools. In order for AAAOM to consider a request to transfer credits for courses taken at other accredited institutions at the baccalaureate level or above, a grade of “C” or a score of 70% is required in each course.

Students who wish to transfer credits from other schools must do so as part of the admissions process and must submit a Transfer Credit Assessment Form to the Academic Dean. Transfer credits may be granted by the Academic Dean based on a careful assessment of previous course work according to AAAOM’s course requirements. If the course syllabus and materials perfectly match AAAOM’s, then the Academic Dean will grant transfer credits. If there is a question about the course content, the Academic Dean may require a challenge examination.

To graduate from AAAOM, students must take at least one half of their total credits in the AAAOM’s curriculum.

At present, AAAOM is not enrolling new students in the Doctoral degree program (DAOM) or Master’s degree programs. Updates on this admission policy will be posted on this website.


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