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AAAOM offers both Masters of Science and Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine degrees.

Your interest in holistic healing has come at an exciting time! As the field of Oriental medicine is gaining global recognition, so is the demand for qualified practitioners.

Has impacting others for the better always been important to you? Are you passionate about joining the health and wellness community in exploring healthier life styles? Explore what being a practitioner of Chinese medicine and acupuncture means to you. With AAAOM you can learn from committed Chinese and Western doctors and hone your skills with ancient wisdom and modern techniques.

TCM practitioners attempt to discover the underlying cause of diseases in addition to treating the symptoms and thereby tapping into the body’s natural abilities to heal itself through acupuncture and herbal formulas. Using a compassionate, holistic approach, acupuncturists listen intently to their patients and take into account their physical, emotional, mental and environmental situations to make a diagnosis. The Oriental medicine practitioner develops a relationship with the patient that empowers the patient to become proactive with their own health and wellbeing in the process.

The first step to finding out if the Master’s degree in acupuncture and Oriental medicine is the right path for you is to arrange a personal tour with Michelle Jones, the admissions director at AAAOM. Michelle will discuss your goals, our program, take you for a personal tour, introduce you to students and faculty, and walk you through the application process as well. You will gain lots of knowledge in order to make an intelligent decision and be invited back to sit in on a class, have a treatment from one of our interns and visit the clinic to become familiar with AAAOM.

What makes AAAOM Unique?


  1. Faculty: Awards for Educational Excellence-AAAOM has received awards for 10 consecutive years for best TCM curriculum and faculty in the Nation. AAAOM faculty are expert scholar-physicians who have made significant contributions to TCM and western biomedicine.
  1. Student Body: High rate of graduate success in becoming independent practitioners and collaborating with other clinics and hospitals here in the Twin Cities and farther out into many diverse communities in the Mid-West and beyond.
  1. Master’s degree program: The strength of our Master’s degree speaks for itself after several AAAOM graduates were awarded scholarships to further their studies at the doctorate level at a well known University in China.
  1. Doctorate Program: First Acupuncture College in the Mid-West to offer a doctorate degree beginning Fall of 2015.
  1. Library: The AAAOM has the most comprehensive acupuncture library collection in English and Chinese. AAAOM
  1. Authentic Oriental medicine curriculum including herbs, herb formulas, acupuncture, diet therapy, TuiNa body work, Tai Chi and Qi Gong.
  1. Both Master’s of Oriental medicine and Master’s of acupuncture are nationally accredited and registered with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.
  1. Federal and state financial aid available to those who qualify
  1. Flexibility-Accelerated and part-time schedules available
  1. Affordable tuition rates

Call 651.235.3211 or email admissions@aaaom.edu today to schedule your appointment.


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