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Two extraordinary acupuncture talents are coming to Minnesota to share their knowledge and skill with the Minnesota acupuncture community: Dr. Shaobai Wang from Times Square in Manhattan, and Dr. Biao Lu from Los Angeles. Each of these acupuncturists has built a successful practice in a competitive venue using dramatically different acupuncture styles. Dr. Wang is known for using “sugar acupuncture,” or comfortable acupuncture; while Dr. Lu’s techniques of choice are “Setting the Mountain on Fire” and “Penetrating Heaven’s Coolness,” in combination with local twitch response. Remarkable results are produced as they combine classical and modern, eastern and western. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness twin masters’ skills inherited from China’s legendary acupuncture masters Jin Rui, Zheng Kuishan and Yang Jiasan. The story continues!

Graduates of AAAOM’s doctoral program in acupuncture and Oriental medicine will be well-prepared to meet the challenges and expectations of practicing traditional Chinese medicine in the 21st Century. The capabilities of our graduates are assured as they master the educational objectives of the DAOM program. The AAAOM difference is the in-depth diagnostics and new treatment protocols that students integrate into their current practices immediately. It also opens doors to new opportunities for career growth and expansion into advanced hospital and integrative clinical settings.

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Shaobai Wang, MD (China), LAc, hails from a family of expert Chinese doctors and acupuncturists. Seven doctors in his immediate family currently practice medicine throughout the world. After completing eight years of medical school, Dr. Wang was recognized as one of the top young acupuncturists in China in 1991, just before coming to the United States as a visiting professor at Columbia University’s College of Physicians & Surgeons.

In a 30-year career, Dr. Wang has treated countless patients and shared his expertise with practitioners of TCM and Western medicine. He was the first acupuncturist in the United States to treat Pervasive Development Disorder in children. Conditions he has treated include PDD, ADD, ADHD, cerebral palsy, autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and hyperactivity. He is one of the first acupuncturists to successfully treat both male and female infertility.

Dr. Wang has been invited by Harvard University, Columbia University, NYU Medical School, and Mount Sinai Medical School to speak about TCM and acupuncture, and he continues to serve as a TCM/acupuncture consultant for the Department of Mount Sinai Medical Schools. In the academic realm, Dr. Wang has written more than 30 scientific papers that have been published in various countries, and is the co-author of a book about alternative medicine.

Biao Lu, MD (China), LAc, earned his medical degrees at Gansu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and then Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and then worked as Chief Acupuncture Physician at Dong Zhi Men Hospital in Beijing, which was featured in Bill Moyers’ ‘Mysteries of Qi’ series. As the top student in his medical class, he was awarded the honor of studying specialized acupuncture techniques with two world-renowned acupuncturists: Professor Zheng Kuishan, and Professor Yang Jiasan.  Professor Yang is one of the premier acupuncturists in China, and was featured in Bill Moyers’ ‘Healing and the Mind’ program on PBS. During this time, Dr. Lu learned effective acupuncture techniques such as “Setting the Mountain on Fire” and “Penetrating Heaven’s Coolness” – two techniques rarely practiced in the West, but which are extremely effective for immunological and neurological disorders, as well as all types of pain conditions that have not been alleviated through other healing modalities.

Dr. Lu currently resides and practices in Los Angeles, where he specializes in male infertility, dermatology, psoriasis, eczema, allergies, asthma, and pain conditions. He is also recognized as an expert in Qigong healing.

This 16-hour seminar represents a stand-alone portion of AAAOM’s entire DAOM program.


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