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When considering attending one of the many prestigious acupuncture colleges around the world, it is important to remember a few key elements of an authentic and robust acupuncture education program that will lead to a successful oriental medicine practice and career path. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1.  Does The Acupuncture College Offer a Comprehensive Education Leading to Successful Graduates?

AAAOM is the leading, authentic acupuncture college in the Midwest. Our graduates make up a large percentage of successful private practices in Minnesota and Wisconsin because of our extensive education programs, deep understanding of TCM diagnostics, herbal formulas, and effective treatment protocols in various specialties. Our graduates go on to utilize their education in private practice, integrated clinics, and hospitals.

Our programs cover many modalities including acupuncture, herbology, dietary therapy, TuiNa Therapeutic massage, Tai Chi & Qi Gong in addition to western bio-medicine. AAAOM also has one of the most extensive libraries and practitioners come from all over the nation to research topics. We have both English and Chinese titles available for research.

2.  What Unique Programs, Facilities, and Services Are Being Provided?

AAAOM is a program rich in comprehensive herbal healing practice, rigorous clinical training and a very supportive educational faculty. We are the only acupuncture college in our area with a comprehensive herbal pharmacy featuring over 400 different herbs. Students are educated on each herb and herbal formula in our Herbs I, II, II and Herbal Formulas I, II, III tracks. These programs equate to a year and a half of extensive, rigorous training in Chinese herbal medicine, resulting in an in-depth understanding of practical application.

We have a very busy acupuncture and oriental medicine clinic, in which students are able to receive hands-on training and exposure to a wide variety of cases and patient outcomes.

Our programs are affordable, flexible, and geared towards promoting the success of every student from any walk of life who is committed to becoming an instrumental part of the healthcare and wellness landscape.

3.  What Are The Faculty Qualifications and How Are Their Relationships With Students?

Our Teaching Staff are highly-educated and award-winning practitioners and educators, specializing in authentic Traditional Chinese Medicine. Students work directly under the supervision of our highly trained TCM doctors enabling students to work side-by-side with our team and receive hands-on experience prior to graduation. It also means that our class sizes are smaller and we encourage organized study groups and cohorts to build teamwork dynamics, leading to high student moral, and an essential amount of cooperation, personal attention, and hands on training.

As the United States, and the world, is experiencing a major transformation in scientific evolution, integrative medicine is rising to partner with western medicine to address mind, body and spirit. Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine play a dominant role in this change as patients’ acceptance and demand of alternative modalities increases. AAAOM is poised to educate and prepare future practitioners of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine for the future of healthcare both locally and globally.


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