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Job Duties:   Responsible for providing acupuncture diagnosis and treatment for patients, and instruction to students, based on advanced knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine.  Specific duties include: (1) diagnosing patients and developing treatment plans according to Chinese medicine principles and techniques; (2) performing needling treatments through acupuncture point simulation; (3) executing treatment therapy, including acupuncture, massage (tuina), and moxibustion; (4) applying advanced knowledge of herbal remedies to treat conditions through herbal properties, addressing taste, toxicity, preparation effects, contraindications, and incompatibilities; (5) dispensing herbal formulas and informing patients of dosage, duration, side effects, and drug interactions; (6) evaluating treatment outcomes and recommending new or alternative treatments to promote, restore, and maintain health; (7) teaching students about Chinese medicine theory and treatment, including preparing course plans, completing evaluations, and demonstrating acupuncture techniques; and (8) following safety and related rules enforced by the requirements of the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice.

Requirements:   M.S. degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM); six months of clinical experience in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine; specific experience applying TCM techniques to treat infertility; knowledge of acupuncture techniques and standards established by NCCAOM; and licensure or eligibility for license exemption to practice acupuncture by the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice.

Any interested person should submit resume with cover letter to HR, American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, 1925 W. County Rd B2, Roseville, MN 55113.


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